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Chimney Cleaning and Repair Philadelphia, PA

Updated: Jun 5

Professional Chimney Cleaning and Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA

There’s no better feeling than the crackle of firewood burning in the fireplace and the warmth that emanates from the unit on a chilly winter day. Even with the tremendous service the chimney provides, few homeowners recognize how important chimney cleaning is. Chimneys need frequent maintenance. Each time you use a stove or fireplace, the burning wood leaves a thin layer of creosote along the chimney flue. If left unchecked, these creosote buildup can accrue to lethal levels and cause a fire outbreak. The ramifications can vary from an unforeseen chimney repair expense to a dangerous house fire.

In Philly, we use our heating units and fireplaces a great deal. When wood is burned in a chimney, the combustion gives off a range of byproducts, including hot gases filled with particulates. When these gases go up your chimney, they get to the cooler chimney flue walls and then condense. The end product is a dirty, dark and very combustible deposit referred to as creosote. As time lapses, creosote will thicken and layer, creating multiple safety concerns.

First off, the thicker the creosote, the more constricted your chimney flue will be – and the less capable it will be to expel the combustion byproducts. When the creosote deposits are left to accumulate, they can clog your flue, enabling poisonous gases to gain entry into your living space, buildup of heat in the flue and, potentially result in a chimney fire or even a full-blown fire outbreak. Getting a professional chimney cleaning service gets rid of creosote and significantly reduces those risks.

The advantages that come with frequent maintenance are many, from aiding your chimney unit to work more safely and eco-friendly to encouraging longer shelf life and better performance. And that is the case regardless if you have an old masonry chimney, a chimney venting a furnace or a pre-fabricated unit.

Here at Green Clean, we carry out regular chimney inspections, cleaning and repair services in the Philadelphia area to ascertain your chimney is functioning properly and safely. When you hire us, you can be certain that your chimney will run better, and for longer.

Why Choose Philly Green Clean for Chimney Cleaning & Repair

-Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified. We adhere to CSIA’s rigorous and detailed chimney cleaning practices to make sure we deliver a comprehensive and effective service.

-Dust-free HEPA cleaning. We are equipped with state-of-the-art vacuums with double filters to make sure no dust or soot remains on your furniture and floors.

-Industry-leading equipment. Our technicians are equipped with advanced cleaning tools specifically made for the kind of chimney we are cleaning, be it a pre-fabricated unit or a masonry.

-Comprehensive, no short-cut cleaning. Our high-speed vacuum cautiously and thoroughly remove soot, creosote, debris and other deposits from the whole chimney.

-We sweep any chimney. You will get a swift, professional cleaning for any kind of chimney installed in your home. Our technicians have the expertise and experience needed to deal with even the toughest of jobs such as heavy fireplace inserts and big walk-in fireplaces.

-Fair and reasonable pricing. Our services are not priced according to the size of your house or the neighborhood where you reside. Our no-cost quotations are a reflection of the kind of chimney you’ve got fitted and the duration it will take our team to ensure your chimney is safe and clean.

-Reliable repair recommendations. Our technicians behave with utmost professionalism and integrity so you can rest easy knowing that any chimney issues we spot are actual issues and not a feigned attempt of selling you a costly repair that isn’t necessary.

-Seasoned owner-operated service providers.

Contact Our Chimney Cleaning and Repair Team Today!

When you enlist our Green Clean team, you can expect to get a comprehensive, and mess-free service. We go the extra mile of ensuring a mess-free cleaning by laying down drop cloths, tarps and rug runners around the workspace, and we put on shoe covers when we move around your home.

When Green Clean comes to your house, we guarantee top-tier, committed service and a chimney that offers higher performance levels and safety. If you’re due for a chimney cleaning or repair service in the Philadelphia area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 267-353-6533 to book an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians.

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